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Writer's Block: You should have been there

Which five events in history would you choose to experience in person, and why?

This is juicy food for thought because I know myself well enough to know that I'd NEVER keep my mouth shut had I been some when, somewhere, if someone had only opened their mouth and state an obvious oversight. However, it's more now than just experiencing a particular time in history - it's being there with the wherewithal to change it. For instance, I've wished time and again that I could have been there when Ronald Reagan was making the decision to run for President. I think I'd have made sure that he remained somewhere so far removed that he never could have filed for the race - maybe the protective regulations that kept our economy in check would still be in place and some 45 million folks would have been spared the harsh realities of suddenly being thrust into poverty.

However, perhaps going back to the 1880's would have been better - had I had the power to crush the Robber Barons of that era that re-wrote the restrictions on corporations and allowed for charters to evergreen, thus encouraging the global transnational mega monsters to flourish and kill local businesses, trade unions, and personal prosperity for millions.

Then again, I wished I'd been able to field an army of free-thinkers on Selma, Alabama during the Civil Rights battles. Naked bigotry has no place on this Earth, and the blood of too many water the Tree of Liberty as it stands. I bristle at the ignorant utterances from my present day father-in-law's mouth as he curses the historic black man that sits in the Oval Office today; and I have to remember that he is a product of the generation that grew up in Mississippi before those battles.

Although I do not know the exact date, I wished I had been there to keep Rush Limbaugh's mother from conceiving him - or better yet - would have placed him in a foster home with Quakers shortly after his birth. Maybe their gentle influence would have created someone not quite is disgusting as the creature we see and hear today. Perhaps this should have been the situation with all those who spout hatred, bigotry and ignorance as gospel - the deliberate removal from their parents from infancy and fostering in a home so far removed from where they grew up that they never had a chance to germinate the despicable lies and filth that emanates from their mouths today.

I wished I'd been able to meet and talk with Mother Teresa, or St. Bernadette, or the original Bridget as glorified in Celtic Christianity and later sanctified. I think we'd see a lot of things from the same perspective, and I think we'd be equally frustrated by the silliness of humans perpetrating the same horrors on each other time after time with no obvious sense of repeating history. I also think that we'd be as one in the belief that it matters not what you call your personal observances, just that you take a moment to stop and reflect on something, some purpose Greater Than Yourself, with the end result a subtle termination of selfish self-centeredness from the species. However, every time I venture into research on any of these women, I come away with more questions on why they did what they did.

Hey, I can dream. After all - isn't that what it's all about?
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